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Merry Christmas!

The Derosia Team would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 Looking for some ideas to make your holiday brighter? Read below for activities to do with your family. 
 Oven Mitt Gift Reveal Hold a gift-opening relay race that adds a silly oven mitt challenge. The frenzy to unwrap boxes will be even more fun when the kids are slowed down by mitts

Christmas Relay Race
After indulging in all that hearty holiday food, get everyone moving by revamping the traditional “egg on a spoon” race! Balance PLASTIC, UNBREAKABLE ornaments on a spoon while running as fast as you can without dropping them.


Relocating to the Smoky Mountains

Moving can be a scary and taunting endeavor. If you are new to the Smoky Mountain area, check out this link for a list of resources in our area.

Community Resource Guide

A great place to learn more about the area is to check out the local libraries. Each of our local libraries has tons of resources and activities. 

King Family Library 408 High St (865) 453-3532
Pigeon Forge Public Library 2449 Library Dr (865) 429-7490
Seymour Branch Library 137 W Macon Ln (865) 573-0728
Anna Porter Public Library Public Library 158 Proffitt Rd (865) 436-5588
Kodak Public Library 319 W Dumplin Valley Rd (865) 933-0078