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Cades Cove


Cades Cove is a perfect area to visit with the family during the whole year. Lots of hiking trails, wildlife, and plenty of room for picnics. Walk the 11 mile loop, ride a bike, or pile the whole family in the car. Spring in Cades Cove though is an absolutely magical time. The plethora of wildflowers is unmatched and bears are emerging after their long winter nap. Also, during the week crowds are not as busy. Went this week and there were times we did not see another car. Just one trip around the loop provided the opportunity to observe about 50 deer, numerous turkeys including a white one, several bears including teeny tiny bear cubs, lots of horses, a coyote, an owl, and a black bat. Not to mention the numerous times stopping to take pictures of all the wildflowers. White oak sinks is an unmarked trail that offers a carpet of flowers among the four caves. The caves are currently closed due to the treatment of white nose syndrome on the bats. Enjoy the pictur…

Spring into the Smokies

Spring into the Smokies!

It's spring time in the Smokies, which means it's a great time to get out and explore all the beauty our area has to offer. There are several great hikes with varying difficulties for those who like to explore. Try horseback riding or zip lining for the more adventurous types. Not quite sure about too much adventure? Check out the motor loops and enjoy the Smokies from your car!

Porter's Creek trail is located in the Greenbriar section of the Smokies and is considered a moderate hiking trail. It is 4.0 miles in length and is one of the most popular wildflower trails in the park. The fringed phalencia is so abundant that it looks like a fresh snowfall. This trail is great, because it has so much to see. Don't miss the cabin, barn, cemetery, and waterfall; as well as, one of the longest foot bridges in the park!

Horseback riding is offered by various companies throughout the county, but check out Cades Cove Riding Stables to see the Cove fr…