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Dogwood Winter

Growing up in Gatlinburg, I (Kim) have always heard my family talk about "dogwood winter" but had no clue what they were talking about. It's actually very simple! Dogwood winter is a term used mostly in the south that refers to a period of cold weather that coincides with the blooming of the dogwoods. In the beginning of spring there is usually a stretch of warm and pleasant weather followed by several days of cold, cloudy weather and even possibly frost or snow flurries. Because of dogwood winter, most gardeners don't plant until after the dogwood trees have bloomed. With that said, I do believe that dogwood winter has recently just ended in Gatlinburg!!

For Sale By Owner.... Reasons For Realtor Representation

Although some people prefer to sale their home on their own, and even do a great job, there are several reasons to consider using a Realtor.

To maximize sales price! Often, for sale by owners often settle for "just a buyer" versus real estate agents who bring the best and most qualified buyers to your property. This also helps avoid problems which result from unscreened buyers.
To secure a professionally trained real estate negotiator. Home sellers benefit when a trained professional negotiates the highest possible price by "objectively" and enthusiastically "selling" the value of the property.
To access a networking system! Real estate agents network properties within the real estate community, an essential element in the successful sale of any home.
Easy accessibility to a respected real estate professional! Buyers are typically quite leery of contacting or intruding upon homeowners they are unfamiliar with. This is especially true with out of area buyer…

Happy Good Friday!

Today is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter. Here are some things about Easter that you may or may not already know.

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the 3rd day after Good Friday.

The cross is a symbol of his crucifixion and resurrection.

Lights, candles, and bonfires are used in many cultures to celebrate different things. Roman catholics often put the candles out in the church on Good Friday and light them again on Easter.

Eggs are a symbol of the new life that returns to nature during Easter time.

Rabbits symbolized life and rebirth in ancient Egypt.

Hope everyone has a great Good Friday and very Happy Easter!!

Derosia Team Receives Award

Check this out! We are in the Knoxville News!!!