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Back to School

It's August and for Sevier County residents that means one thing....It's Back to School time for all the kiddos! Check this blog post out for tips on how to make the last few weeks of summer meaningful for your children, how to combat boredom, and some awesome deals in the area as you get ready to embark on yet another school year. 

10 activities...No Parent's Allowed!

1. Wash the car 2. Make a picnic lunch, but only pack items that start with the letter P 3. Make a wind chime from recycled items 4. Create a fairy garden...for an added twist make it for zombies 5. Create a back yard zip line for action figures or barbies 6. Use old newspapers to create anonymous notes 7. Paint rocks and add googly eyes to represent members of the family 8. Cover the slip n slide in shaving cream 9. Using old boxes, build a giant robot  10. Wear parent approved old clothes and see who can create the largest grass stains
10 activities..Family Involvement 1. Bake cookies and create homemade …