For Sale By Owner.... Reasons For Realtor Representation

Although some people prefer to sale their home on their own, and even do a great job, there are several reasons to consider using a Realtor.

  • To maximize sales price! Often, for sale by owners often settle for "just a buyer" versus real estate agents who bring the best and most qualified buyers to your property. This also helps avoid problems which result from unscreened buyers.

  • To secure a professionally trained real estate negotiator. Home sellers benefit when a trained professional negotiates the highest possible price by "objectively" and enthusiastically "selling" the value of the property.

  • To access a networking system! Real estate agents network properties within the real estate community, an essential element in the successful sale of any home.

  • Easy accessibility to a respected real estate professional! Buyers are typically quite leery of contacting or intruding upon homeowners they are unfamiliar with. This is especially true with out of area buyers.

  • Real estate professionals are always available and present property professionally. With today's technology, real estate agents are always available and are trained to represent property professionally and objectively.

  • Free Advertising! Advertising on your own can be very expensive. A good agent will take care of all your advertising expenses for you, and advertise where we know buyers are looking!


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