Must Eat Frozen Yogurt!

The Derosia Team has come across a TOADALLY amazing frozen yogurt establishment.  sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt is one of the fastest growing brands of premium, all natural, self-service yogurt restaurants. SweetFrog is a bright, positive, family-friendly environment where you can create your cup of yogurt exactly how you want it. You pick the combination of flavors, you pick the toppings, you make it your way!

SweetFrog was founded on the principles of Christianity and the belief in bringing happiness and a positive attitude into the lives of their customers.  At sweetFrog, F.R.O.G. stands for Fully Rely On God.  Accorrding to their website the following is why the founder Derek Cha opened up the first sweetFrog.

Our founder, Derek Cha, started sweetFrog in 2009 with his wife, Annah Kim. Derek’s goal was to create a business, in the midst of a unfriendly economy, that could thrive and bring hope and 
happiness to a very down market. As this would be Derek’s first year in Richmond, he was prepared for the challenge. With faith, prayer, and the support of family and friends,sweetFrog began.

Two years later, sweetFrog has grown by leaps and bounds (or hops)! By the spring of 2012, sweetFrog will have over 100 sweetFrog stores operating in over 15 states, and 1 international 
location in South Korea. Derek and Annah couldn’t be more proud of the business and its continued growth.

The Derosia Team is always looking for an excuse to visit sweetFrog strongly recommends this positive, fun, family-friendly environment for your next trip for dessert with your family and friends.  If you do not have a sweetFrog close to you be sure to stop into our local location in Pigeon Forge next time you are in visiting.


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