Local Favorite - Mountain Lodge

Tourist destinations are packed full of restaurants; most of them being the well known chain restaurants that can be dined in all over the country.  However, every city has the smaller restaurants that are usually out of the hustle and bustle of the city life.  These restaurants are  local favorites and mom and pop establishments that don't make it into the guidebooks and vacation brochures.  Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and the other surrounding areas of the Smoky Mountains have several well-kept secrets that the locals love.

These establishments in the Smoky Mountains are often a great place to go and learn about the local culture, as well as eat some of the best local food.  Most of the establishments have more reasonable prices than the chain restaurants in town.  The service is above and beyond in these family owned establishments and the food is worth coming back for over and over again.

Because there are so many local favorites we will pick a featured restaurant each month and share it with our readers.  This months featured restaurant is The Mountain Lodge. 

The Mountain Lodge is a diner style family restaurant located up off the main strip of Gatlinburg, TN on Highway 321.  The Mountain Lodge is a local favorite that most visitors of the Smoky Mountains may overlook.  The Lodge is open for breakfast and lunch and is often packed full on the weekends. 

Breakfast is served all day and is a great way to fuel up before a long day on the town or hiking in the mountains.  The Mountain Lodge has buttery biscuits and tasty gravy or toast and grits.  You can get a filling omelet, melt in your mouth pancakes, and other sides such as eggs, bacon, and sausage.  They also bake homemade cinnamon rolls fresh every morning.  You have to arrive early for the cinnamon rolls because once they are out they are out until the next morning.

Lunch is delicious as well.  They have daily specials everyday, as well as a vegetable of the day.  They have a variety of home cooked meals.  You can get anything from a hamburger to country fried steak and gravy to liver and onions.  

Perhaps the best part of dining at The Mountain Lodge is the atmosphere.  The staff and owners are very friendly and are usually found catching up with friends and visitors.  There is no doubt that The Mountain Lodge is a must try if you are visiting Gatlinburg.  

Stay tuned for next months featured local favorite restaurant.


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