Car Shows

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is best known for the home of the most visited theme park in Tennessee Dollywood and Dolly's Splash Country.  However, during the month of September it is better known for Car Shows.  This weekend September 7-9 and next weekend September 14-16 are the years biggest and best for Sevier County.

Friday, September 7, 2012 will mark the 29th annual Shades of the Past Rod Run in Pigeon Forge. This annual rod run showcases classics, rods, and customs through 1972. Most of the cars are held at Dolly's Splash Country on Friday and Saturday for judging and the opportunity for owners to showoff and/or sell their vehicles.  There is a general admission to enter Dolly's Splash Country to view these vehicles.  If you are unable to attend the show during the day, fear not because the main stripe in Pigeon Forge is a free way to view these cars at night.  The quickest and easiest way to see all these amazing cars is to find a place to park and walk the stripe.  You can also drive up and down the parkway but be prepared to sit in traffic for quite sometime.

The following weekend is the Grand Fall Rod Run.  This Rod Run is mostly comprised of hot rods, however a lot of the cars from Shades of the Past hang out for another week to participate in this event as well.  This event is held at the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center.  Much like Shades of the Past the cars are located up and down the parkway.  The Grand Rod Run tends to be a little wilder than Shades of the Past, this often means there is more traffic and a lot more people.

These events are sure to be fun for car enthusiasts and novices alike.  So if you are in the area come on out, you never know you might find a classic you can't live without.


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