Local Favorite - Greenbriar Restaurant

Tourist destinations are packed full of restaurants; most of them being the well known chain restaurants that can be dined in all over the country.  However, every city has the smaller restaurants that are usually out of the hustle and bustle of the city life.  These restaurants are  local favorites and mom and pop establishments that don't make it into the guidebooks and vacation brochures.  Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and the other surrounding areas of the Smoky Mountains have several well-kept secrets that the locals love. 

These establishments in the Smoky Mountains are often a great place to go and learn about the local culture, as well as eat some of the best local food.  Most of the establishments have more reasonable prices than the chain restaurants in town.  The service is above and beyond in these family owned establishments and the food is worth coming back for over and over again.

Because there are so many local favorites we will pick a featured restaurant each month and share it with our readers.  This months featured restaurant is the Greenbriar Restaurant.

The Greenbriar Restaurant is a remote lodge turned restaurant tucked away in the hills of Gatlinburg.  The restaurant gives the guest the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  This family establishment has floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the quiet forested mountain view.  

The main log structure of the Greenbriar Restaurant was built in the late 1930s. Before the restaurant was established the building was known as the Greenbriar Lodge, where it catered to hunters, travelers, and vacationer.  Owner Mrs. Blanche Moffett treated her guests to breakfast in the mornings.  After breakfast they were free to explore the area or stay at the lodge and enjoy the mountains from the sun deck (now covered by the dining room floor) or relax in Gatlinburg's first concrete swimming pool. Sleeping arrangements at the lodge were very strict. 

Married couples occupied the two rooms that now make up the lounge.  Single ladies and Mrs. Moffett shared the two rooms above the kitchen while the single men slept bunk-style in the room across from the lobby.

In 1980 Dean and Barbara Hadden purchased the building and surrounding land and opened what is now the Greenbriar Restaurant.  Through the years all six of their children have worked at the restaurant at some point in time.  Dean and Barbara leased out the restaurant in 1991 before Dean passed away.  Barbara, with the help of her son David and his wife Becky as managers, re-opened the restaurant in 1993.  Today David and Becky along with their son Jordan own and operate Greenbriar Restaurant.

Greenbriar is known for their juicy and delicious steaks however they have many other delightful items on the menu for those who would prefer something other than a steak.  They have chicken, fish (usually trout), and pasta entrees which are sure to satisfy.  Don't forget to start dinner with a tasty appetizer and finish with one of their signature homemade desserts.

Greenbriar is located at 370 Newman Road in Gatlinburg,TN.  Newman Road is located off of HWY 321 on the same side as Mountain National Bank. If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a top of the line dinner out of the hustle and bustle of downtown Gatlinburg be sure to visit The Greenbriar Restaurant.

Remember to watch for next month's Local Favorite. 


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