Spring Time: A Great Time to Spruce up Your Property!

It's Spring Time in the Smokies. The weather is warming and wildflowers are popping up everywhere. Now is a great time to do some projects around your house that will increase your property value without breaking the bank!

Remodel the Kitchen:

Upgrading the kitchen cabinets, adding granite countertop, re-doing the floor, and updating kitchen appliances will not only make you want to live in your kitchen, but will increase the house's value!

Open the Floor Plan:

Open floor plans are the hot item right now when it comes to looking for a home. Knock out a wall or two. Not only is it a great way to get some frustration out, but it will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. 


A fresh coat of paint will make the rooms of your house look like a brand new room. It's an easy and expensive way to change the complete look and who doesn't like clean walls?

Replace the Front Door:

Not only will it improve curb appeal, but it could make you feel safer also. Find one that best matches style of your home and don't be afraid to make a bold statement with your new front door. 

Update the Flooring:

New carpet not only looks and smells great, but will improve your home drastically. Take it one step further and replace or refinish all of the hardwood in your home. 

Build a Back Deck or Patio:

Spring is a great time to create an outdoor living space. Have the time and funds, create an outdoor kitchen. You may never want to go inside again!

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Features:

Spend a little time and money replacing all your light features to energy efficient ones. Not only will your house lighting look better, but you will save on your monthly bills and not have to replace lights as often. 


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