Great Hikes For Summer Time

Summertime is a great time for hiking in the Smoky Mountains. The air is cooler in the mountains and the creeks and rivers are refreshing. Whether you choose to tackle a 10 mile hike or wander to the stream side to relax in a hammock, the mountains are sure to not disappoint. Here are some terrific hikes for summer that offer plenty of places to take a dip in the cool mountain water.

Middle Prong: Located in the Tremont section of the national park, this 8.3 mile hike offers 3 waterfalls and numerous cascades, smaller falls, and cataracts. Tremont used to be a lumber camp that featured a post office, hotel, general store, maintenance sheds, and a community center that served as a school, church, and movie theater. The Middle Prong trail used to be an old railroad bed used by the Little River Lumber Company. If you hike in the early summer months, there should still be a multitude of wildflowers. If you are lucky and look carefully at about 1.9 miles in you will see a short side trail that leads to an old rustic Cadillac.

Meigs Creek Trail: Located at the Sinks parking area, this 7.0 mile hike offers 18 creek crossings. You will see several small waterfalls and cascades, including the 18 foot Meigs Creek Cascades. The 18 creek crossings do not contain foot bridges, so this trail is not a good idea after heavy rainfall. Late summer is an ideal time to hike this trail since water levels are lower.


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