Rock Craze


Painted rocks have quickly become a craze that is exciting for the entire family. There is something about finding a brightly colored rock while out and about that is sure to put a smile on your face. Adults and kids alike are having a blast painting rocks and putting a Facebook Page on the back, so that they can follow where their rock has traveled. 100's of pages are dedicated to rocks! The game is simple; paint a rock and hide it or just find a rock and re-hide it! Some pages even post hints on where the rocks are hidden. Load the family up in the car and make a day out of seeing how many rocks you can find or hide!

Here's some local Facebook pages, so if you are in town and want to participate join one of these!

Townsend Rocks


SCSMR: Sevier County Smoky Mountains Rocks

Let us know if you and your family participate in the rock craze!
Happy rock painting, hiding, and hunting from The Derosia Team!


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