Fly Like An Eagle

Are you visiting The Smoky Mountains in 2012?  Are you a roller coaster enthusiast?  If so you are going to want visit Dollywood to ride their new attraction.

Dollywood will make history on March 24, 2012 when they set flight to the Wild Eagle.  The Wild Eagle is the first steal wing coaster in America.  While most roller coasters' seats are located on the track, the Wild Eagle's seats are located on both sides of the track.  This truly sounds like an exciting roller coaster and The Derosia Team (except for Darlene) looks forward to taking flight on The Wild Eagle. Here are some facts about this new attraction:

  • Climbs more than 20 stories 
  • Wing span is equal to a four story building
  • Reaches a top speed of 61 MPH
  • Ride duration is 2 minutes and 22 seconds
If you would like to learn more about the Wild Eagle you can visit  

Take a virtual ride on the Wild Eagle right here.  
WARNING:  If you get motion sickness we advice you to watch with caution.  Darlene said just watching the video made her sick! 


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