Sevier County Residential Statistics

As Real Estate Agents The Derosia Team likes statistics.  In particular, we like to compare the market from year to year.  We would like to share some comparisons for 2006-2011 to show you how the market has changed.

We focused on each individual area of Sevier County and the Volume Sold per area.  Here are a couple visual aids to show the change in the Smoky Mountains.

Volume of Sales for 2006-2011
This is the same information just a different representation of the data!
Volume of Sales for 2006-2011
We also compared the total volume sold for Sevier County as a whole through 2006-2011.  

So as the economy suggest the market has dropped since 2006 & 2007.  However on a positive note the market for 2008-2011 has been somewhat consistent in the Smoky Mountains with a slow rise in volume.


Ray said…
Looks good!

investors like
this kind of stuff.

your honsty will do well, but include a positive, like, the economy is on the rise and the tourism is starting to show signs of increasing traffic.
Bill Brown said…
This is good stuff!
I suggest that you have 2 graphs; one with Gatlinburg, PF and Sevierville and the other with the other communities.
Also, if you were able to provide, DOM,% foreclosures (short sales and REO's) and sale price vs original list price the data would be more informative for investors.
Anonymous said…
Very Informative! I love graphs, majored in Geography in college.As soon as the economy pulls it's self up I would expect to see the Doulas Lake (Bass Capital of the World) property start to boom more. This is an excellant history document too. Karesa

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