Mountain Hounds

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is set to hold their 8th annual Mountain Hounds gathering on May 31- June 3.  Mountain Hounds is a gathering in the Smoky Mountains of rescued Greyhounds and their owners from all over the country.  Most of the weekends festivities will take place at Mynatt Park and the event is open to the public.  The owners of these Greyhounds love to talk about the joys of adopting their retired racing hounds with everyone they meet.  The weekend is packed full of events such as: a charity walk through Downtown Gatlinburg, Greyhound Games, Bingo, Pizza Party, and Seminars.  The event usually brings in about 250 Greyhounds form as many as 18 states.  If you enjoy the company of dogs and dog owners this event is sure to be fun.  For more about Mountain Hounds and the full weekend schedule click here.


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