Local Favorite: Little House of Pancakes


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Tourist destinations are packed full of restaurants; most of them being the well known chain restaurants that can be dined in all over the country. However, every city has the smaller restaurants that are often a great place to go and learn about the local culture, as well as eat some of the best local food. Most of the establishments have more reasonable prices than the chain restaurants in town. The service is above and beyond in these family owned establishments and the food is worth coming back for over and over again.

 Little House of Pancakes located on 321 in Gatlinburg is a family establishment loved by the locals. Visitors make sure to stop by multiple times on their trips to the Smokies. If you visit, be sure to try the all you can eat Pancake with homemade syrup.

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Fast Service, Friendly Faces, Big Portions, and Great Food! What more do you want from a small town business?


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