Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Traditions, Superstitions, and Resolutions...oh my!

Check out our latest post for fun ways to ring in the new year or ways to celebrate throughout the year!

Traditions around the World:
  • England: First guest for the year is supposed to bring fortune. In order to be allowed in a person's home, you must bring a loaf of bread for the kitchen, drink for the head of the house, and coal to light the fire. 
  • Denmark: Keep a pile of broken dishes by the front door. People will even throw dishes at their friend's door. It is believed that those who have the most broken dishes outside their door have the most friends. 
  • China: People paint their front doors red to symbolize happiness and good fortune.
  • Brazil: Lentils signify wealth and prosperity, so people eat dishes made with them.
  • Wales: When the clock strikes midnight people open their back door and then shut it to symbolize letting out the old year and locking out any bad luck that came with it. Upon the 12th chime of the clock, they open their door to welcome the new year in. 

  • Eating black eyed peas and greens-brings good luck and prosperity
  • Don't take anything out of the house on the 1st or you might lose things during the year-Don't take out the trash or even take food to a friend. If you are taking something somewhere on the 1st, it should be left outside
  • Kiss someone at midnight to bring affection throughout the year-alone...try kissing the dog or cat
  • Don't cry---crying on the 1st could bring unhappiness throughout the year
  • Loud noises-make loud noises to ward off the evil spirits

Each year people make a commitment to do more or less of something during the upcoming year. Here's a list of resolutions for homeowner's:

  • Make extra payments to shorten the time until your mortgage will be paid in full-doing so will save you money!
  • Pay off a 2nd mortgage
  • Refinance your mortgage
  • Fight your property tax assessment-if your house value has dropped, your taxes should to
  • Score homeowner insurance discounts-home improvements could lower your insurance rate
  • Make your mortgage payments on time!

The Derosia Team wishes you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!



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